Military Radios

    Russian R-323M Digital Display Receiver FM/CW/AM, coverage 20-100 MHz
    Price: $620.00
    SR-702G Receiver Transmitter Radio Module 2-30MHz and 30-2000MHz JRTS Slice
    Price: $285.00
    TBR-115 Transceiver, Chinese Version of Racal Cougar
    Price: $85.00
    TechComm TC-5025/VXI DF Direction Finding Processor Un-used
    Price: $1,850.00
    Thomson-CSF HF French Manpack Radio 2-12MHz ER372
    Price: $105.00
    Ultimate SIGINT RF Intercept System 2 Keysight N6841A, N6820S,N6829BS 20MHz-6GHz!
    Price: $28,500.00
    Watkins Johnson WJ-8634-3 VXI VHF/UHF Receiver
    Price: $485.00
    Watkins Johnson WJ-8721 HF Receiver
    Price: $1,250.00
    Watkins Johnson WJ-8731A Receiver 30-300MHz
    Price: $345.00
    Watkins Johnson WJ-9080A 30-1000MHz Tuner
    Price: $425.00
    Watkins Johnson WJ-9480/TU Tuner IF/Amplifier VLF to 30MHz Many Bandwidths
    Price: $475.00
    Watkins Johnson WJ-9499 Digital Tunable Demodulator
    Price: $1,850.00