Aircraft Parts and Accessories

    Aircraft Radio Control Head HF C-3940/ARC-94
    Price: $38.00
    Aircraft Radio Control Head SA-1178/ARC-106(V) transceiver selector
    Price: $26.00
    Aircraft Radio Control Head SONO RCVR C-8658/ARR-75
    Price: $26.00
    Aircraft Radio Control Head UHF C-8191B/ARC
    Price: $32.00
    Aircraft Radio Low Pass Filter Low Pass F-1652/ARC-182(V)  N(Female) to N(male)
    Price: $26.00
    Aircraft Radio Power Supply Rockwell Collins 636W-1A for 548T 400W amp
    Price: $260.00
    Aircraft Rate Gyro 121064-01 2.157-HB 6615-557-5263
    Price: $18.00
    Aircraft Rate Switching Gyro CN-1050 ASN-55 6615-759-1367 141410-01-01
    Price: $14.00
    Aircraft VHF Transceiver Rockwell Collins VHF-20
    Price: $165.00
    ARC-164 70MHz freq oscillator module 627659-1 TCVCXO
    Price: $8.00
    ARC-222 C-12319 Radio Control Head for SINCGARS Avionics
    Price: $1,100.00
    Avionics Test Adapter 147P3 M/W J2 of 147A4
    Price: $42.00
    Bendix King KLX-100 Software Disks UN-USED
    Price: $6.00
    Canadian Marconi CMC VLF Receiver R-5093A / ARN-512(V) 5826-21-905-4254
    Price: $185.00
    Collins Radio Control Head 313N-1
    Price: $32.00
    Collins Radio Interconnecting Box J-2788/U
    Price: $38.00
    CSC Control Radio Monitor Communications Avionics Panel 10-7909
    Price: $189.00
    Hades Isotherm RJ 150K500A32 2v500pt 0329-02 un-used
    Price: $132.00
    MH60 Helicopter Avionics Panel Reset, Page Up, Page Down, Peak Reset
    Price: $65.00