Military Radios

    Microdyne PM demodulator 1451-D for model 1400-MRA telemetry receiver
    Price: $120.00
    Microdyne RF tuner 1412-VT (A) 215-320 MHz for model 1400-MRA telemetry receiver
    Price: $300.00
    Micro-Tel MSR-904 Microwave Receiver 1-18GHz
    Price: $1,100.00
    Motorola Soldier 911 Survival Radio like PRC-112B
    Price: $145.00
    PRC-112 Survival Radio with Antenna
    Price: $295.00
    PRC-112B1 Survival Radio with built-in GPS
    Price: $950.00
    PRC-25 in as-overhauled / refurbished condition in original box
    Price: $425.00
    Russian R-311 1-15MHz Shortwave Receiver with Power Supply, Very neat radio!
    Price: $345.00
    Russian R-323M Digital Display Receiver FM/CW/AM, coverage 20-100 MHz
    Price: $620.00
    Southern California Microwave TTXRML-20A 20Watt 1.435-1.540 GHz Transmitter
    Price: $389.00
    Thomson-CSF HF French Manpack Radio 2-12MHz ER372
    Price: $105.00