Harris Ground Cable Assembly 12005-0100-01 new
    Price: $16.00
    Harris High Voltage Wire for RF-5382H Antenna Tuner 10251-0042-WL new
    Price: $16.00
    Harris KDU cable 40 foot 6-conductor shielded wire un-used
    Price: $8.00
    Harris PA to Antenna Coupler Control Cable 20ft 10181-9824-020
    Price: $58.00
    Harris PRC-150 Falcon III USB Programming Cable PN 12043-750-A006 unused
    Price: $168.00
    Harris PRC-150(C) Audio Handset Adapter Cable 10372-1230
    Price: $65.00
    Harris PRC-152 USB Adapter and Cable 12041-7227-01 un-used
    Price: $132.00
    Harris Programming Cable Assembly PPP for PRC-117F 10513-0710-A006 new
    Price: $168.00
    Harris RF-382 Antenna Tuner Control Cable 10181-9826-020 20ft un-used
    Price: $68.00
    Harris RF-590 internal connector cable
    Price: $5.00
    Harris RF-590 internal connector cable assy 10073-7075C 9009 K-00779
    Price: $8.00
    Harris RF-590 rear connector cable assembly 10073-6918 rev B 9005 K 00779
    Price: $8.00
    Harris RF-590 RF-590A Assembly cable 10215-6948 rev B
    Price: $32.00
    Harris Speaker Audio Cable 20ft 10535-0707-A020
    Price: $48.00