Batteries Chargers and Power Supplies

    McDowell Research MRC-131 External BB-2590 Battery Holder
    Price: $118.00
    McDowell Research MRC-28 AC/DC Power Supply for LST-5 LST-5C, LST-5E etc.
    Price: $285.00
    McDowell Research MRC-52 Dual Portable Charger for BB-590 and or BB-390 Batteries
    Price: $225.00
    McDowell Research MRC-9 Power Supply
    Price: $118.00
    McDowell Research MRC-9AC Power Supply 6150-01-431-2442
    Price: $148.00
    McDowell Research Power Distribution Assembly
    Price: $48.00
    Military Aircraft Runway Beacon Battery Box un-used holds BB-2590 0100-10740
    Price: $18.00
    Military computer battery holder / adapter
    Price: $28.00
    Military Computer Power Supply XDD2478
    Price: $32.00
    Military connector MS3116J12-3S 3-pin power connector for Harris RF-5000 etc.
    Price: $11.00
    Military radio battery charger PP-6597/PDR-63
    Price: $18.00
    Military radio battery charging harness LMG/1/07 009/220 WEQ8406, Cable
    Price: $24.00
    Military Radio Lithium Battery NOT Rechargeable BAI-514L
    Price: $5.00
    Milpower Source computer power supply
    Price: $32.00
    Motorola handheld radio battery charger model NLN8856
    Price: $8.00
    Motorola handheld radio battery charger model NTN4633C
    Price: $12.00
    MX-7777B Transient Supressor
    Price: $42.00
    PP-3700 / PRC-41 AC power supply for PRC-41 radio
    Price: $110.00
    PP-4833/PRR-15 Battery Box power supply
    Price: $32.00
    PP-6377/G power supply
    Price: $65.00