Batteries Chargers and Power Supplies

    PAS-13 Battery Holder (Broken but can be epoxied together)
    Price: $32.00
    PP-3700 / PRC-41 AC power supply for PRC-41 radio
    Price: $110.00
    PP-4833/PRR-15 Battery Box power supply
    Price: $32.00
    PP-6377/G power supply
    Price: $65.00
    PP-8229/V Power Supply Rockwell Collins
    Price: $52.00
    PP-8239 Military Battery Charger
    Price: $14.00
    PRC-104 Battery Box CY-7875 with hole in top under tape but works
    Price: $42.00
    PRC-104 CY-7875 battery box power connector broken edge
    Price: $4.00
    PRC-1088 mount/power supply
    Price: $225.00
    PRC-127 battery charger
    Price: $32.00
    PRC-148 MBITR J-6686/U 5940-01-517-3990 remote battery adapter new
    Price: $85.00
    PRC-174 Metal Battery Box (Extremely Rare)
    Price: $162.00
    Racal BCC 348A battery probably needs re-building
    Price: $22.00
    Racal Cougar 6-gang charger MA 4518 A
    Price: $124.00
    Racal MA 4518 A 6-gang battery charger for Cougar Radios
    Price: $65.00
    Racal PRC-139 6-gang Charger MA-6748
    Price: $135.00
    Rockwell Collins Battery Holder 988-3123-003 Repaired
    Price: $38.00
    Rockwell Collins Battery Holder 988-3123-003 un-used
    Price: $68.00