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  • Repair and Servicing of ITT Mackay Radios, Amps, and Tuners MSR-8000, 8000D, 5050 8050, 1020, 3030, 4030 etc.
    Modify a Harris PRC-152 Battery to work with Airsoft TRI Replica Radios
    Modify a Harris PRC-152 Battery to work with Airsoft TRI Replica Radios.

    The TRI Replica PRC-152 Radios are a pretty close match to the real thing, however, the batteries are a different voltage than the Harris batteries, and they cannot be charged with any of the real Harris accessories.

    This service will provide a modification to your supplied Harris PRC-152 battery to make it work on a TRI type replica radio.  You will still be able to charge the Harris battery with any Harris chargers.  Furthermore, your battery will then work to power the TRI radio.

    Note that after this mod is performed, the Harris battery will no longer be compatible with a real Harris radio.  Connecting it to a Harris radio may cause damage.  Since this modification requires cutting open the battery and re-epoxying it together, there may be slightly noticeable evidence of the battery reassembly, but we will do everything we can to keep it looking nice.

    NOTE: Your battery must be of the type that has a seam that is about 3/8" down from the top of the battery.  If it is the version with the seam near the bottom of the battery, we will not be able to do the mod.

    You are responsible for shipping your battery to us. The modification will be performed within a week of receipt of your battery, and then the battery will be charged and shipped back to you. 

    Upon placing your order, you will be e-mailed a downloadable set of instructions on how to ship your equipment.


    Price: $55.00
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